About Me

About Me

I am Rhys.

I am still circling the mulberry bush of life at this great age. I have found some gems and have attached them to my shell. I look like a jeweled crustacean. The question now; what to do with the gems I have collected? I do not wish to go back to base with them so I must find a way to give them back to the world as my contribution to the greater good.

I was born in the island of Jamaica in a fishing town called Falmouth. One of the oldest towns in Jamaica. I was born into the Episcopalian religious tradition but my education has been fundamentally Jesuit Catholicism.  My theology is  Roman Catholicism and I have no apologies.

I studied at the University of the West Indies on two occasions. The first was in my late teens when I studied at the University College Hospital and graduated with a 4 year degree in Nursing. The second was a liberal arts degree in Marketing. I did not complete my matriculation, two semesters shy.  Columbia University saw me for a semester certification course in Labour and Immigration Law.  I then double majored in  Philosophy and Theology at Fordham University, from where I graduated.

After teaching breast-feeding techniques to low income women in the Sound View neighborhood of the Bronx, New York; I opened a bookstore in the Northeast section of the Bronx. It was the very first bookstore of its kind. It operated successfully for three years until a real life situation of “You have got mail” happened and I was forced to declare bankruptcy.

Back to the drawing board I went and entered the fray of Wall Street- Morgan Stanley.  Here I remained for 12 years to my surprise, educating  and re-inventing myself in the knowledge of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, et al.  The experience was quite eye-opening and then came September 11th 2001.  The day was surreal. (more anon).  Post the shock and awe of 9/11 I lost my mother and found the Halls of Fordham University a refreshing and sacred oasis.  I tarried here a while and read Philosophy and Theology.

I enjoy Poetry and even have written a few. I take joy in reading and once upon a time tried my hand at writing a novel.  I would not dream of asking anyone to have a go at reading them primarily because the effort was in large part not my best effort but it was good exercise as I grieved.  Nevertheless they are a part of my journey and who I am. Read at your own risk.

in June of 2017, I published a new book, something I believe more worthy to present. “The Alabaster Box”.  With perseverance and great determination “Ghosts” will be presented in July of 2018.

Now older and a bit more enlightened, as well as retired from the Wall Street hubbub I am engaged in all things living and Philosophical.  That I’d say is me in a nutshell. The details and underbelly requires more space.  Come!!!!


Somethings went awry because “Ghosts” was put on hold so that I could finish “Moonstruck”, a collection of poems spanning a little more than fifteen years. “Moonstruck” is set to be out in the late Summer to tumble into Fall when poems taste best. Watch this space.