The greatest deficit is being gendered female. The greatest distress is not wanting to be a man. To not be a man because it doesn’t feel right or even wholesome.

It’s not a repulsion but it’s not at all pleasing even as an idea. Being female only inhabits the feminine aura with a female spirit eye and the innate desire to say something. To say all things. The female has one desire, that is, to be and to do.

What then is the point of being female if not to be or to do? Being a woman is quite a different situation. Why female? Females can create new things, organize all things and above all nurture these things to make them thrive. Yet, such profoundness is not valued. Those talents are back-benched, minimized and scorned.

Females are scorned, whipped emotionally and physically in the event some emotions are hard to destroy, and all female emotions are seen as weaknesses and not as strengths in sharing to make the playing field equal. Females are things to be owned and mastered.

They are never allowed in the front row of anything and any idea is deemed anathema to man.

Being female is a grievous deficit”.

One thought on “BEING FEMALE

  1. The first thought that came to mind is as a female you have a sign on your forehead NEEDY. I need validation, to be looked after (not protected in the true sense of its meaning), naive…to sum it up WEAK for lack of a better work. To break throughout this wall is a task in itself. Sometimes I just want to be left alone to gird up for the next encounter

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