Like trees

We must shed our leaves

It’s the law

Of nature, that we shed like trees

Then reboot

Like new stars-

 Unlike the trees,

We forget our past existence when we step out new, with new ideas,

And think we can make changes to anything,

Not gender, heaven or earth, not the seasons-

And when we try to hold on to our leaves, we fail.

Monstrosities form

Flitting helter-skelter in the shadow of madness, confused…we must die.

Withered, helpless to run, terrified, open-mouthed

The trees all remain, leaves intact- obey, shed then sleep to return with intact


Magnificent, they reappear

Full-bodied, leafy green, always green

Nature’s natural dress code

Tender, soft, juicy, velvety, useful thorny, sticky

Bending to the wind, ready to shed.

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