The idea that I could be a writer never crossed my mind as something that I could engage as my life’s work, yet, all I ever wanted to do was to read and write, but not for any specific reasons of gain or employment, I only wanted to satisfy an uncontrollable desire to spin words, to explore words, their meanings and their sounds. I enjoy words more than I enjoy eating, yet, I enjoy cooking. So you could say that I cook up a word feast every day of my life. You could say that.

Also I write from my experiences, what I know. Sometimes I am given to fiction but that too is a spin on what I experienced.

This book, “The Alabaster Box”, is a book born out of my experiences over a span of time as I meandered through life trying to find answers about myself, about life itself, and those queries naturally led to the question of God. Finding God.

Who can find God? No one it seems “find God”, but we all can experience God.  Here I  speak from a philosophical perspective when I use the phrase finding God. Perhaps the better phrase would be Proving God; and who can do that?

I have tried to make this proof absolute and failed, but what I have come away with is that I don’t want to prove God, I only wish to experience God.

In this book, I have asked a lot of questions regarding this eternal quest and  I have not given any answers because I have none.

If I were to find God, then what is next? All I would prove is that there is no God. Because if I have found him, then he is just like me, knowable. Shouldn’t God be more than me?

I hope the reading is not misunderstood and you can find space in your personal philosophies to think with me for a bit about our wonderful elusive, yet very faithful God.

There is also a seconding thread or story that you will encounter in the book, and that is about my role as a parent. This detail is not expected, (it is my hope) to overshadow the real thrust of the book, it is however the launch pad I used to look back on my quest to find God.  This detail or window of my past was used to engage and speak about my spiritual quest.  Parenting is the avenue that expanded my understanding of God, my understanding of love, and which ultimately allowed me to appreciate my own parents.  Being intimate with parents exposes you to love and a deep insight into what God is. Being a parent gives you the other perspective as to why and how God could love you.



  1. I’ve read your book Ms. Ho-Shing and it’s safe to say that you have met your objective(s) and then some. Thanks for writing such an interesting book I enjoyed every minute of it.

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