I am not purging, although I am in a sense.

I am not going to die, as yet.  

“We die, that may be the meaning of life. https://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1993/morrison-lecture.html

We do language. That may be the measure of our lives”  

For me those lines come out to mean we are all going to die as my parents did and others that I have heard of. So with that as a backdrop I know one thing to be true, and that is we die.

But because we as humans have language, a thing, and the only thing that we created, it is what we have to measure our lives or tell our stories as we should. 

So we talk among ourselves, we pass down tales, we write things down and we sit around fires and under trees and in classrooms and living rooms etc we gather to do language and measure our lives, sometimes against one another, but always for our own satisfaction that we can say, “look, this is what I did” after 70 years, after 95 years or whatever number is assigned to us, this is what I did.

 Language allows us to reflect, complain, address, regret,, shame, admit, laugh, cry and finally to walk away from the ashes with a new sense of self.  

Life for me has stages and I do believe that I am in my final stage of life and development but this is the stage for my soul to expand itself and impart or attach itself to another for the continuity of who I am and what life lessons I am imparting to my young, in this case my granddaughter.  

I feel responsible for her first stage and hopefully some of her second stage,and while I have no documentation to show that I have been charged to do so, I know. Therefore with her I do language to teach her all the things I was taught, things that I discovered on my own, that I discovered from interaction with people like you whose wisdom is vast. I hope to leave a treasure trove of data for her use and pray that she will use them and know that my life was useful on this side of the pond.

I will give thought to what I am writing as I take advisement from you.  I have until July 2018 to complete this book. I set that date for myself because I didn’t want to dawdle. It’s important.

lmh. 11/18/2017




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