The first time without you.

How will it be? Before or after, the questions remain.

The first time without you.

I have no idea what to expect.


I am stuck on a hollow note.

The first time without you.

Should I have prepared?

Am I so selfish that I expected you to be always?

The first time without you was the last time with you, as I recall.

That last time.

I could have done so much more, but what?

How could I know, it was my first time, in that last time with you.

How perplexing!

The anguish that won’t become a pain for me to rip out

It stays on repeat,

That last time with you became the first time without you.


                                                                        4/15/2017   –     6/19/2017.

Lmh: 6/15/17

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