From its perch, the pigeons see everything.

Wish I could talk “Pigeon” or “International Bird”,

Alas! I have only English. The pigeons understand English very well

I don’t speak local Pigeonese.

The rats speak and understand English but they need bribes because

They don’t care who is in charge or who the real immigrants are.

The rats won’t speak because they are indifferent to the situation.

The street people are like the rats, jaded and despairing they turn away

Unless you have a coat or a sandwich in exchange for “yea, he was standing there, or I don’t know where he went”.

Not many dogs are on the outs with society and those that are, are silent and mistrustful,

Kicked too many times they have lost faith and no longer worship humans.  Dogs are anti-humans,

Who will help the humans? Who will speak?

Migratory birds bring the news from afar but plead the fifth, no news is good news but for who? They eat and leave as they came.

Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York,

Resolute, Resilient, Reformed,

The news is not good, but the statue still stands in the Harbor and the light still glows

To everything a season,

The Dove went out to see the lay of the land, the Dove will speak to us when she returns

The Dove will return, we wait,

No news is good news.


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