I heard the wind and it was the usual.

I did not look up because it comforted me with its warmth and soft caresses. A natural wind.

If I had looked up I would have noticed that it was the wind called “Change”. I didnt look up and then Change spoke up.My head grew full with fear, my grief was loud.

My dear dear friend had died on Sunday, January fifth; I dont know how.His wit and laughter, his bad puns, our love of the same movies and TV shows. What did I do to cause this? I know it wasnt me, yet, I examined my conscience.

My friend Ramesh has gone with the Change and I am left to grieve and then accept the fact that life as he knew it had ended.I shall miss my friend on FaceBook, on Instagram and on Messenger. I shall miss my friend in every virtual space and then regretfully in reality.And now I say farewell, Ramesh Daryanani.

Farewell and God speed you to your new place in green pastures of love and the fullness of life everlasting.Your forever friend,Rhys.

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