In single file they drift downwards

The yellow ones are first

The greens look on defiantly fluffed together in silent prayer,

They pray in gratitude that they got to serve nature’s cause

now fall approaches,

The dutiful wind sends a gentle puff

And the yellows and half yellows fall down in a flush

Down atop each other for comfort sake

A canopy beneath the tree they came from,

The air is suddenly chilled

And just like that

The summer resigns to make room for kindred fall.

                                      ACT TWO.


Chilly air

Falling multicolored leaves spread softly beneath yielding branches

Obedient to God in their own way.

For they must die to make space for winter

The blanket of heaven that protects the earth as she sleeps and dream

About another time before the very first fall.

A simple time coated in sweet grasses and bright colors, sheltered in

Abundant lights while awkward mankind drift innocently caressing

The iridescence because they can.


When I brood

Incited by the gloam I enter the quiet grey

Where the silence hums only for my ears,

It’s shrill, and soft, and comfortable.

Complex, clouds roll in

A signal, snow,

Snowflakes like leaves appear.

Winter has its own falling leaves,

soft and white they descend slow at first then

fall in a frenzied swirl

Mesmerized I watch the winter blanket come down.

Earth is comfortable, she sleeps.

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