Today I will tremble because I am in love with living.

It is good to be alive.

I will also bend in awe because I am grateful.

I can bend.

When I speak I will make sonnets in praise of nature and its manifestations

and respect the sun and all the waters on the earth,

They are not mine to trifle with.

I won’t always smile, but know that I have joy within despite my pains.

I am alive and I have so much to give,

Share a cup with me, dance one measure with me, and kiss my cheek as I caress your trusting hands,

Pilgrims we are on a verdant earth.

Who can disturb our joy?

You alone rule your destiny, chose freedom.

Think freely, that is your freedom.

Wisdom beckons us, go to her,

Think and be free.

(7/31/2013) lmh

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