Is a place it’s not a feeling

It’s a bridge between living and not really dying

You have to be alive to understand pain.

Pain is music, liquid music cascading down your head and shoulders  

Scalding hot; but it doesn’t kill you,

Instead you peel on the inside and choke on your tears because the peel made you heave and covet the air you can’t breathe.

Pain is a living thing with a long memory and an impressive message that echoes in the void where your heart used to be

pain is a voice singing hallelujah hallelujah evoking my tears.

Pain is not an emotional event but a spongy substance morphed into a new life to replace your old life and establish new rules to live by.

but you can’t live nor can you die because pain is irrational and unlit.

Pain has no light. Pain is heavy.

Light is fresh and has wings…..then

I awaken from the clammy suffocating well of dreaming

One long sweet draft of early morning air, I grasp something

A twilight space appears……. neither

Life nor death

Pain free.

pain is a teacher

My soul is a student in the eternal classroom.


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